February 22, 2012

Corner granny squares -- progress since Friday

February 16, 2012

Basil pesto and roasted red pepper quinoa.

I just substituted the roasted red peppers for the tomatoes. Yummy side for the girls dinner :-)

February 14, 2012

Yummy enchiladas

These turned out so well and were so easy! I used the crock pot and a quick dip in the oven (mostly quick BC our oven sucks)
Three chicken breasts
One can chicken and mushroom condensed soup
One can rotel tomatoes and peppers
One can sweet corn
One green pepper
One yellow pepper
One onion
(Veggies diced)
One-ish tsp of chili powder and garlic powder each or to taste
All of these go in a crock pot for six to eight hours. Then take the chicken out and dice or shred. Add one cup of (light) sour cream and let the chicken absorb some more juice in the crock pot. When the consistency is thick enough, spray a 9x13 pan and get out about 10-12 tortillas. Spread some refried beans on each tortilla and add some of the mixture and cheese if you wish. Roll and start stacking these horizontally in the pan. After using all of the mixture, take a can of condensed tomato soup and add some chili powder then spread over enchiladas. Add as much cheese as you please and put in 325 degree oven for 15-20 minutes or until cheese is melted (since all ingredients are already cooked)

Finished blanket!

First blanket. Excited to try things other than granny squares