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A little about me
I am from a decently small town in Indiana and blessed with an amazing family! I never planned my life around staying close to home. All of the best opportunities just ended up being pretty close. After deciding to pursue engineering, I had Purdue University, a highly ranked engineering school, only an hour and a half away. When I decided to do the co-op or professional practice program, the opportunity I could not pass up was with DePuy Orthopaedics, again only two hours away. The Fall before graduating with my Bachelor Degree, I was offered a position with Whirlpool Corp. that I was in love with, a rotational program with the opportunity to work abroad. During the second 6 month rotation, I jumped at the chance to work in Italy on aesthetics projects. Being away from home, I miss my family and friends like crazy, but the experience is worth it. I can't say I am disappointed with anything life has thrown my way, and I am so excited for everything to come!

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